Our unique programme consists of using Chakra Balancing Meditations combined with pure essential plant oils.

It helps people to restore and maintain their own health and wellbeing.

This unique system is very easy to use, very relaxing and is most enjoyable.

We harness both the powerful influence of meditation practice and the age old wisdom of natural plant essences to restore balance to both your mind and body.

When you choose our programme-

– You will be guided on how to use each of the 7 meditations with the essential oils.

– You will receive an essential oil diffuser necklace.

This is an attractive necklace that has different coloured felt pads inside to absorb the fragrance of the oil used for each chakra meditation.

– You will also have powerful guided meditations that have in-built positive affirmations.

How does this work and why?

-Blockages arise in the individual chakra centres within the body due to traumatic or negative experiences during our lifetime.

-The positive affirmations which are given during our guided meditations will help correct these blockages and restore balance.
Double The Benefits Of Positive Affirmations Through Meditation

Essential Oils have a powerful effect on the natural flow of energy in the chakras and also help to clear any blockages.

– Combining all of these techniques that we offer is highly effective. You will feel relaxed and more in tune with your feelings and allow an easy balanced and positive flow in your life.